The NMRZ´ collection of books and journals comprises literature that was originally part of the collection of the Documentation and Information Center of Human Rights in Latin America (DIML) and that deals predominantly with Human Rights in Latin America. However, we established a large additional assortment according to our fields of engagement during the recent years.
The card index of book available in our library (zip-file) can be requested by email. Please find the index of journals below.


Ordering copies of journals and documents from our inventory is possible. For this purpose send us an email or a fax with the exact bibliographic data (name of the journal, area, code, editor, number, month, year and language) and your delivery address to: or Fax: +49-(0)911-230 55 51
Service comes with costs.

Tariff rates

Copies to 20 pages: 3,00 €
Each further copy is charged with 0,10 €.

Mail order (only with advanced payment): 3,00 € minimum charge

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