APPLICATION OPEN!! HUMAN RIGHTS M.A. at FAU University Erlangen-Nuremberg

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The M.A. Human Rights addresses the growing importance of human rights in all areas of society and academia. The course program covers fundamental as well as current issues and challenges. It pursues an interdisciplinary approach taking the political, philosophical and legal dimensions of human rights into account. Graduates of the program will be equipped with theoretical and practical skills to pursue professional activities in human rights contexts.
The M.A. Human Rights welcomes students from all over the world. It is open to students with a university degree and with professional or practical experience in human rights.
Students could work as practitioners in public administrations, international and non-governmental organizations, the media, interest groups and associations, as well as in specialized law firms, and corporations.

Basic Facts:

Three semesters (90 ECTS) including two semesters of coursework in Erlangen and one semester devoted to the master thesis which can be completed as a non-resident student.

The program is interdisciplinary and offers foundations of the political, philosophical and legal dimensions of human rights as well as a wide range of specialized courses allowing students to develop and build on their own field of expertise.
A module overview can be found on the back.
All courses are taught in English.

Final degree
Master of Arts (M.A.) Human Rights

4.900 € tuition fees for the entire program plus 126 € for student union fees (three semesters).

Admission to the Master in Human Rights program requires
• a university degree based on a course of study consisting of at least 210 ECTS and
• at least one year of professional experience in the area of human rights or practical experience in human rights work on a volunteer basis.
If the university degree is based on less than 210 ECTS acceptance to the program requires a special procedure determining additional qualifications. Students are selected on the basis of their academic and professional ability and experience in human rights.

How to Apply
Application form and further information can be found at the webpage:

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