Human rights violations in the refugee and asylum seeker crisis in Israel

25. Juli 2018 | Von

36,630 Asylum seekers are living in Israel, only eleven received a refugee status. With research, testimonies and interviews with asylum seekers from Eritrea, Noam Cohen gives us an overview about the life of asylum seekers in Israel: Detention centers, xenophobia and the threat of forced deportation.

The struggle of human rights NGOs and the “Funding Transparency” Law in Israel

12. Juli 2018 | Von

The delegitimization of human Rights NGOs by the Israeli government is getting stronger and the NGOs’ space in Israel is shrinking. Noam Cohen is giving an overview of the situation in Israel after the new “NGO Funding Transparency” law has been in force since 2016.

Die übersehenen Flüchtlinge

31. Oktober 2016 | Von

Entkommen aus dem isoliertesten Staat der Welt.
Jana Speidel gibt einen Überblick über Flucht aus Nordkorea.